TRE Shakes You
Christine Ahluna Steward
TRE Certification Trainer/Trainee
Certified TRE Provider

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    Module 2 - Certified TRE Providers: November 10/11/12, 2016
    Module 1 - Certified TRE Providers: April 21/22/23, 2017
​    Module 2 - Certified TRE Providers: November 10/11/12, 2017
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Workshop Participants Share their Experiences with TRE
TRE Shakes You ®   202 15388 24th Avenue, Surrey, British Columbia  V4A2J2

Fibromyalgia Recovery
Wall St Exec and war vet Dan Horner talks about his recovery from Fibromyalgia using TRE.
TRE Testimonial  
experiences from Lawrence a 70 year old man.
Adam, Iraq Veteran
Adam, shares how TRE has helped him cope since being home.
Reducing anxiety and letting go of fear.
Medical Doctor and O.T.
Medical Doctor shares improved family relationship successes.
Psychologist - Lena Kristina
Psychologist shares her thoughts about TRE.
Chronic Back Pain Relief
Craniosacral therapist finds relief from chronic back pain using TRE.
Addictions professional speaks about TRE.