TRE Shakes You
Christine Ahluna Steward
TRE Certification Trainer/Trainee
Certified TRE Provider

Coming soon our next TRE training events:
    Module 2 - Certified TRE Providers: November 10/11/12, 2016
    Module 1 - Certified TRE Providers: April 21/22/23, 2017
​    Module 2 - Certified TRE Providers: November 10/11/12, 2017
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Benefits of TRE
Practicing TRE regularly has many reported benefits:

  • Increased flexibility resulting from reduced musculoskeletal pain 
  • Greater energy and stamina resulting from restful sleep
  •  A general sense of well being resulting from lower tension
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Reported benefits include:

  • less workplace stress
  • more energy and endurance
  • reduced muscle and back pain
  • increased flexibility
  • less relationship conflict
  • better sleep
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