TRE Shakes You
Christine Ahluna Steward
TRE Certification Trainer/Trainee
Certified TRE Provider

Coming soon our next TRE training events:
    Module 2 - Certified TRE Providers: November 10/11/12, 2016
    Module 1 - Certified TRE Providers: April 21/22/23, 2017
​    Module 2 - Certified TRE Providers: November 10/11/12, 2017
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TRE Shakes You ®   202 15388 24th Avenue, Surrey, British Columbia  V4A2J2

What is TRE?...
After traveling the world studying how people accumulate and respond to tension and traumatic experiences, Dr. David Berceli developed these exercises to help people restore and maintain a more balanced state of well being.

TRE is rooted in neurobiology; once learned, the six exercises are easy to continue practicing on your own. 

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Scott, Chiropractor
Beth, Cranial Sacral Therapist
Robin, Massage Therapist
Carol Swanson, Family Therapist
Gabriel, Chiropractor
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